Rhonda Bristol Art
artist with clay sculptures Ms. Bristol at the Juried 14th Annual African American Art Exhibition at the Actor's Theatre of Louisville Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky. (February 2008)

Sculpture is one of my favored means of artistic expression. I thoroughly enjoy working with clay and I'm constantly fascinated with the 'elasticity' of the medium. Clay always presents a new challenge... and I love problem solving... and I am in love with learning! Creating clay pieces keeps me feeling grounded, focused and energized. Creating clay people and masks affords me the opportunity to explore emotions, expressions and attitudes ... from a safe distance... usually. I love people-watching too and I usually incorporate an altered image into a new piece.

dark bronze clay bust Selena's Presence, 2005

I feel my connectedness with Universal Spirits and Ancestors. Form, Color, Pattern. Texture. Melody. Rhythm, Line and Sound flow around and through me. I record, reflect, interpret and transpose what is... and what is not. All this is good. All this is us.

One might perceive that underlying themes of these works could be communication and a conviction in the rightness of self expression. There is also the pain delight in being enveloped in a self generating (self-sustaining) love... that stretches out upon itself... then flows freely joining our collective past through the now and into our tomorrows.

clay sculpture of African woman kneeling Communing, 2007

clay vase of bald african woman
She Drum All Night, 2007

This artist imbuses her pieces with ancestral harmonies, lingering memories, and textural history. I love working with paint and clay. I am fascinated with form and I love to tell stories showing glimpses of shared past-times in powerful surreal segments. These works encapsulate a third worldliness often with an encoded message. One might wonder who is the one with the mask and why have we lost our ability to read the silence.