Rhonda Bristol Art

Sand Carving Art; February 13, 2009

photo of two artists working on sand carvings

My friend, Dr. Marilyn Proctor-Givens, picked up the sand blocks for Walter and I, and then let us use her art room at Lincoln High School to carve our sand blocks Friday after school hours. The bulk of the carving was done using a regular 10 penny nail.

We drove to the pour site in an industrial area of Tallahassee, Florida. It was a 3½ hour drive from Fernandina Beach to Tallahassee, and it was so good to see and drive up and down hills - 'cause Florida is mainly...flat! The metal pour itself was exciting and highly dramatic with smoke-filled flights-of-fancy, the random far-flung sparks, and the movement of those assembled with overheard bits of assembled conversation. The rain held back until after the final molds were filled. We left with our heavy, adinkra symbols cast in steel. It was a great experience. We plan to head back down when another metal pour is planned.

photo of Walter working
Carving out the design

photo of finished metal cast carving
The finished metal cast.

photo of man pouring melted metal into moldings
The metal pouring site

photo of finished metal turtle carving
Finished turtle adinkra symbol