Rhonda Bristol Art
photo of American Beach, Florida lady Gullah Geeche Series: Her Song, Acrylic

Is a painter working in clay... who is equally concerned with texture, shape, and form. This artist imbuses her pieces with ancestral harmonies, lingering memories, and textural history. She loves working with paint and clay. She is fascinated with form and loves telling parts of stories... showing snatches of shared past-times in powerful dreamtime segments. These works encapsulate a third worldliness often with an encoded message. One might wonder who is the one with the mask and why have we lost our ability to read the silence.

I had been to Africa before, way back in 1977, but going to Ghana in 2007 was really like returning home. I am still charmed by the friendliness,warmth and interest of the people. History is alive and well there, and many Ghanaians are as knowledgeable of African American history as I am. There is more than a virtual visible connection with the lives and fortunes of displaced African peoples. Their historical sites recognize this connection.

Art is everywhere, along with cleanliness and a concern for their environment and immediate surroundings. Everyone is an artist. There are cultural differences among tribal groups, but everyone is still artistic and this expression is valued, cultivated and nourished. My Ghanaian pieces, both painting and sculpture, honor the resolve and spirit of a nation.

photo of Ghana girl acrylic painting Ghana Series: Body Language - Stressed Patience, Acrylic, 2007

photo of Ghana Elder painting on wood
Ghana Series: Kumassi Elder... Waiting, Acrylic, 2007

photo of Ghana boy painting Ghana Series: Boy Child Vision, Acrylic, 2007

photo of Ghana girl in orange Ghana Series: Kumassi Teen, Acrylic, 2007